Saturday, July 26, 2014

          LITTLE BOXES

      This started off as a comment in a thread at the Kitchen Sync / SyncBookPress facebook page; but as it grew embarassingly and exponentially large I thought that I had better convert it to a blog post; and go with a link on f.b. The inspiration for this diatribe came from an impetus imparted via a satirical comic strip, which compared and contrasted the summarised viewpoints of George Orwell and Aldous Huxley in a way that highlighted their contrary world views and the odd situation whereby these conjugates are both correct. 


  The Story of Infinite Distraction
      Story is fundamental to how we 'Bootstrap' ourselves through the corridors of Time and Space (Sturm und Drang - Pressure and Storm) initialising the Kernel of Konsciousness. The 'World View' we subscribe to; or even consider, for that matter; is,after all is said and done, a Story.
      For the purposes of this story, consider a 'Black Box' technological analogue as an abstraction or translation of 'Story'. As long as for a given set of Inputs; the 'Story' or even Template or Archetype that constitutes the 'Black Box' produces the correct 'Outputs' - i.e., a logically coherent, syntactically correct and grammatically valid Theory. Which should contain or produce the necessary equations and methods for the realisation of the inherent 'Technology'. Allowing for the continuation of the mutual - story and human - exploitation and satisfaction; via infinite distraction, iterated recursively. 
      A 'World View' - o.k I'm desperate to use the term 'Weltanschauung'. But apparently my careless use of 'sturm und drang' in what was always a bit of a stretch in the opening paragraph; means I have used my quota of allowed foreign language terms, which can be used in an attempt to bolster intellectual credibility. But the Penalty for Pretension it incurs means Ixnay on the eltanschauungWay for now - 'Black Box' will have a minimum of |4| valis (typo: this should read valid, but I'm leaving it in as a P.K.D homage ) solutions - versions/classes of the Stories - and the maximum number of solutions will approach Infinity as an instance of the exponential function. This upper bound seems only limited by Imagination and Human Credulity - which appears to be effectively limitless.
           ### Ed. note :- O.K., I just made up that bit about four valid solutions, but I'm sure and certain it is Ecstatically True.  If necessary, I propose to couch my proof of rigour in just enough mumbo jumbo about j= sq. rt. -1 with illustrations of complex numbers and polar phasor diagrams to be able to rely on Bullshit Baffling Brains as soon as maths is mentioned let alone performed. This should stifle any nascent theoretical nit pickers ( relativists in the main ), at least until the end of the story.   ###
The Ontological Gist
      The 'Gist' of my story is that the abstraction or mental transform of the Black Box Analogue is a demonstration of the Ontological Basis which explains 'Why' the History, Myth and World View of Western Civilisation lend themselves so thoroughly and convincingly to a 'Conspiracist' World View and Interpretations.
      Which brings us to Orwell and Huxley. As a Tribal Beastie myself, I feel obliged to declare a Huxley bias - Even though my T-Shirt says "Illuminati 'r' Us" I'm still being manipulated. ;-) by experts.
      In the satirical comic strip; as in reality; it seems that both Huxley and Orwell have created valid, working 'Black Boxes'. The strip does a great job of making that plain for all to see, in a value free, non judgemental manner. This is where your Psychedelic Experience experience skill set will shine forth productively at long last. Justifying the almost slavish devotion to the fairly arcane science of 'Tripping' ; as a hobby in the long gone days of yore and youth. Use the 'Cognitive Dissonance Dissipation App to minimise any  response from your contradiction/continuity immune system. Because, Tribal Beasties that we are this is traditionally where we tend to 'pick and stick' or be recruited/selected by, one team or the other. Whereupon we swear fierce, bloodoaths of fealty; and swear to prepare to mutilate, maim or kill those 'Other Guys'; post haste. Which is a bit of a shame really. It's just a wee bit of 'Cognitive Dissonance'. Go with the Flow for a change. And remember, the 'Black Box'  is always on, "Always Record".

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  1. i wasn'y even high when i wrote that shit. well, not very high anyway.