Thursday, February 9, 2012

that was not a helicopter!

One night a couple of years ago a friend and i, had a ufo encounter. i will declare up front that we had consumed about 5 grams each of psylocibin truffles, which were briefly available at the time, under the label "philosophers stone". it was a fairly mild dose, and extremely clean. there were no hallucinatory effects, but reality was certainly heightened in that magnificent way, and i had the feeling of being allowed to return to the garden, from which i had been previously expelled.

                                                             The Philosophers Stone
So we were sitting in his backyard, taking in the delights of nature on a summer evening. We were watching the night sky and the stars were as vivid as i have ever seen them. One physical effect I will allow was probably caused by the truffles pupil dilating effects, was that any light source was intensified, but not modified. Anyway, I was watching a star group about a third of the way up from the horizon, when my eye was drawn to a particular star; as i concentrated on the star, it pulsed. "Hey Brian, check this out." Now it was really pulsing. wtf. As we both started to watch this pulsar it lights up and literally starts falling from the sky, towards us. Just this one star. Its now travelling towards us from deep outerspace. Closer, closer, eventually its in the atmosphere and its this big fireball. Slowly but surely this fireball is falling , falling straight towards us. its not totally unlike a meteor, but it took minutes to get so close, i was starting to worry it was going to land on our house. This thing was literally on top of us, a large yellow, flaming fireball. the closer it got, the weirder things got.

 My friend and I, have slightly different recall of the order and duration of events. He was banging on the upstairs verandah floor with his walking stick, to try and get the attention of his brother and his girlfriend who were upstairs, to no avail. The fireball was now directly overhead, and spluttered out, as it passed over. The back yard was lit up like a camera flash had gone off. i mean really lit up, brighter than day. but only our backyard, literally along the fence line. Then the light went off, and there is a really large helicopter circling overhead. we can see what appears to be military personnell in the back of the choppers open doors. Our instant reaction was " no fucking way! that was not a helicopter!". and then it was over, reality tick tock'n away like nothing ever happened. Yeah right.

 As a post script, a couple of months later I was telling a mutual friend the story. Until I posted about this recently at secretsun fb, he was the only person I had told. I started telling him about the fireball, and he says "yeah. fireball. turns into a black helicopter. yeah we saw that one night down on the beach at brighton." like it was the most normal thing in the world. It was not the same night. He said that he and a couple of friends were down at the beach, 'vocalising', which is a type of chanting, in a made up (?) language when a very similar series of events unfolded.

 Being open to, if not actually making a conscious attempt at, contact; seems to be , if not a prerequisite, a very common attribute of these contact(?) events. Also, it seems that the experience is much likelier to, reoccurr, having been previously experienced. So people telling a tale such as this, are very likely to have other tales of high strange adventure.  The consumption of psychedelic substances also seems to be an extremely common factor. Though it is one that is normally downplayed or left out, because as soon as you mention that fact, the entire event is put down to the ramblings of a drug addled mind. I think this is a ridiculous, if understandable, response. I think the opposite. In fact, I find it adds to the veracity of the tale; and is a prime reason why there should be serious investigation of the phenomena instead of running scared from an admittedly scary experience. Of course, that would entail recognition that some phenomena do not lend themselves to 'the scientific method'. They are not repeatable, nor suitable for double blind blah blah materialist methodologies. In the eyes of materialist skepdicks, this means that they are not real, did not happen. Which is fine, until it happens to you.

As a life long experiencer of high weirdness, both with and without chemical assisstance, I learnt very quickly not to talk about my experiences.The penalty for breaching this rule was ridicule, and the general implication that Dan is not a bad guy, but he's batshit crazy. Play the game, pretend it didn't happen and all is forgiven; otherwise its off to Coventry you go. This makes for a nasty mixture of self doubt and loneliness. Is there anyone out there like me. Thank the gods for the internet. The world has changed almost completely in my 47 laps around our old friend Sol, and the situation with regards sharing your experiences is much improved. But even now, and in a friendly forum it takes real courage to recount the events. Even having made the decision to create this blog and recall the events, I find myself vaccilating between relief and self recrimination. But wtf, there is only one way to find out, as they say.
I was inspired to tell this story by listening to Jordan Maxwell recount an amazing tale from his youth. Kudos to Mike Clelland of 'Hidden Experience' blog, who provided the link. , thanks Mike, thanks Jordan for being brave enough to own the experience and to share it.


  1. Re:
    "I find myself vacillating between relief and self recrimination"
    Show me a blogger doing this stuff that doesn't.
    I love Maxwell Jordan,by the way and I never knew he had a contact experience.I listened to this from the link on Mike's site,too,last night.
    Mike's doing great work through his blog and I know he is always "vacillating between relief and self recrimination"
    But like that line out of "Field of Dreams" goes "Build it and they will come".
    Good post Dan,keep 'em coming.

    1. Woops...I put his name up arsed about...I meant Jordan Maxwell...time for a cup of coffee to put my dyslexic brain back in order.-)

    2. thanks darren, your thoughtful comments and kind sentiments are much appreciated.i really enjoyed the jordan maxwell really made him more human. I watched some of the rest of the interview. I often get the impression that he feels a little hard done by, and not recognised maybe as much as some he considers have been recognised for his work. but i might have been wrongish. he was being reticent about what he would say, but he would work it so that the interviewer would say the 'thing', and he'd sit there with an enigmatic smile, yeah thats it, thats right, so his info got out, and he didn't compromise himself in anyway, he didn't blab, technically. he just might be a whole lot smarter than i had been giving him credit for. but the encounter story was very much him, very personal, i think he is quite proud of it, and it really resonated with me.most vulnerable i've ever seen him.cheers daz.

  2. Great post, Dan! It's difficult to talk about our high-weirdness encounters, and it takes a brave person to do it. Kudos to you, my friend.

    1. thanks Raj. Thats very encouraging coming from someone who i admire as a person and an artist.

  3. We are already perfect, pure, eternal and ALL KNOWING. And WE are NOT this body of humanity, neither are we this 3D illusory mass of energy and spirit. We are WISDOM! We KNOW ALL! We have to learn NOTHING! If it wasn’t for the THOUGHT PROCESS that indoctrinates the elitists, that IS, the THOUGHT PROCESS itself has conjured up, we would be AWARE and PRESENT and completely reconnected to eternally drinking from the fountain of wisdom in our Paradise State. For we are the Paradise state!

  4. Woohoo! So glad you have added another personal experience here. This reminds me of someones theory I read recently where they felt that the "aliens" (or whatever) were simultaneously hinting at their existence while setting up all witnesses for ridicule and doubt.

  5. When I was about nine a couple of friends and I were laying under the October stars and I saw a really red one.I was showing off my smarts and saying it was mars when it shot down and hovered at what seemed fifty feet in the air across the road from us. There was an abandoned shack there and a row of tall spruces next to the shack and the object was about treetop level. It was like a two layer cake in shape and glowing orange with a row of lighter windows. We were dumbstruck. There was a road between us and the shack and a car with it's lights on came down the road and I was sure they would see the object. But it DIMMED DOWN and the car went right by. Then it lit up and zipped away like the blink of an eye. We were all shocked and we went to our homes and I never told my parents and the three of us kids never said much or wrote down anything to compare what we saw. One of them I still feel close to and see occasionally. We have talked but it's nothing you can make heads or tails of. But I didn't believe so easily anymore about what I was told was true.